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Ridgmont Lower School

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The School Day

School starts at 0900hrs and finishes at 1500hrs; this equates to 30 hours; 23.75 hours curriculum time.



0850hrs                                          Staff on duty as children arrive


0900hrs                                          School begins

0910 - 0930                                    Phonics

0930 - 1030                                    Session 1

1030 - 1045                                    Assembly                     

1045 - 1100                                    Morning break

1100 - 1200                                    Session 2

1200 - 1245                                    Lunchtime

1245 - 1345                                    Session 3

1345 - 1400                                    Afternoon play

1400 - 1500                                    Session 4       

1500hrs                                          End of the school day

The Rationale Behind Shortening The Length of the School Week


In July 2023, the Government published non-statutory guidance on the length of the school week, a copy of which can be found here:


Length of the school week - non-statutory guidance (


In September 2023, it became clear that due to the extremely low numbers on role (4 full time children), one hour and fifteen minutes for a lunch break was too long.  At a Governing Body meeting held on 12th September 2023, a proposal was put forward to consult on shortening the length of each school day by 30 minutes.  This would be achieved by reducing the length of the lunch break from one hour and fifteen minutes to 45 minutes with THE LENGTH OF TEACHING TIME TO REMAIN UNCHANGED.


Advice was sought from the Local Authority and parents were formally consulted over a 5 week period in order for the change to become effective from 31st October 2023 should there be no objections. 


The non- statutory guidance states the following:


“All schools should deliver a substantive high-quality morning and afternoon session in every school day” and "The quality of education that schools provide is underpinned by a broad and balanced curriculum.”


We will continue to deliver high-quality morning and afternoon sessions.  The teaching ratio in Key Stages 1 and 2 is three teachers to six children.  Consequently we are able to deliver high quality, targeted teaching.  We have noticed the children are able to complete their learning objectives more swiftly which also means we can explore greater depth objectives too.  We are now delivering an even broader and balanced curriculum.  We have found that we have gained time in which we now do enrichment activities including cookery, gardening and handicrafts alongside visits off-site.


The law states that “’every school must normally have two sessions divided by a break in the middle of the day.”  This will not change.








As no objections were received, the timings of the school day, with effect from 31st October 2023, will be as follows:


0900   Registration

0910   Phonics

0930   Session 1

1030   Assembly

1045   Playtime

1100   Session 2

1200   Lunchtime

1245   Session 3

1345   Playtime

1400   Session 4

1500   End of school day