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Ridgmont Lower School

Learning For Life

Year 1/ 2 - Amethyst

In Science, our topic is Animals Including Humans and we have been looking at life cycles.  We have looked at frogs, butterflies and chickens and Buttercup came to visit!
Picture 1 Mrs Fewings and Buttercup
Picture 2 Charlie and Ambre
Picture 3 Charlie, Max & Emily
Picture 4 Daniel, Arrun & Nancy
Picture 5 Nancy & Ethan
Picture 6
Picture 7 Ethan, Ellen & Evie
Picture 8 Chloe, Yu and Luna
Picture 9 Georgie & Lola

We LOVE cheerleading :-)

Picture 1 Georgie
Picture 2 Lola
Picture 3 It was great fun shaking our pom-poms!
Picture 4 This is called a High V.
Picture 5 It's important to keep your feet together.
Picture 6 This is called a Broken T.
Picture 7 We helped each other to balance.
Picture 8 This was tricky - Ellen & Daniel.
Picture 9 Ambre & Chloe working as a team.
Picture 10 Georgie & Lola got the hang of this very quickly.

Homework is due in EVERY Thursday.  Please return the folder even if the homework is not complete.


Reading books need to be in school every day.


Library day is Tuesday.


PE is on Monday and Friday.